Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New Reason To Want To Boil Tea Party Candidates In Oil

Holy shit! Just when I think I can't take any more of this bullshit, there's another steaming pile of it right in front of me. I'll admit, when I first heard of this Tea Party crap, I laughed my ass off. This was the only thing that the far right could come up with to defeat the more liberal candidates? And to them, a fucking Republican is more liberal, by the way. I thought this concept was hysterical, because anyone with a smidgen of grey matter between their ears would never fall for this idiocy. NOPE, I underestimated the sheer stupidity of some the sludge I share this country with (involuntarily, BTW). This INSANE concept actually took off! Who the fuck knew? Not me, that's for sure.

And now, in Delaware, the Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell is actually against MASTURBATION, equating it with adultery! In 1998 she told MTV that "the Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can't masturbate without lust." WTF??? I want to know first of all what the hell she was doing on MTV. THEN I want to know, that if anytime you have "lust in your heart," if you fuck the shit out of your husband or tie each other to the bed and piss all over each other, or whatever your normal bedroom routine is....are you committing adultery? Because I can tell you I've never had a good fuck without lust and I certainly fuck the shit out of my husband with zeal! Soooo, I guess right there, with lust in my heart, I'm committing adultery with my own spouse.

That aside, who the hell is she to step in between ME and MY CLIT?? I always thought that what happened between us and the shower head was OUR private business, but who knew...god was apparently watching and he certainly didn't have a boner after all was said and done because I committed a fucking sin! I'm most definitely going to hell for sure. I might as well give up now. Fuck it, we should all be very concerned, because these politicians on the right are absolutely out of their goddamned minds and they're trying to take the country with them...right into a theocracy of idiocy. I don't like it and my clit certainly disapproves. Next thing you know they'll be peddling female circumcision as a preventative measure. But we won't have healthcare reform if the Republicans get in, so you'd better be ready to pony up some cash of your own to have your little nub snipped. Betcha never thought of that one.

What the hell is wrong with this chick anyway?? And she claims to be a CATHOLIC...which is just a watered down version of crazy when you look at some of these far right fundies. Jesus Christ, what the hell is going on here? It's very disheartening and it really chafes my ass. And that's all I've got to say about that. Except, if any one of these mutations get into office, RUN FORREST, RUN!


  1. what a dick, she needs to be laid

  2. Showing some almost-daily love.

  3. Religion is BS and that makes no sense...people can masturbate wtf.

    I agree with you on everything you said.

  4. butts

  5. i'm in your page, givin you a favour! pls return it! :3

  6. I wonder how many times this woman heard the words 'bad!' and 'naughty!' and 'dirty!' growing up in her 'loving christian home.'
    Talk about ISSUES.

    Christian morality isn't. It's 'be good or else,' morality at gunpoint, the gun being hell. You can't scare or guilt a person into being moral. It backfires every goddamn time.

    Hey, maybe if she met a good christian rapist. They're out there. Nothing less than a full frontal assault can breach her wall now, I'm quite sure.

  7. Kewl story bro! Following


    Fucking hysterical!!! Got this off Silly Old Bum blog.....absolutely BRILLIANT!! But then again, I'm fucking nuts =)

  9. such hypocrites they want the government out of their business but they still want to be in everybody else's business when it comes to stuff like masturbation and gay marriage ect. . . just craziness.